Dawn-Euphemia to attract tourists with quilt trail

Volunteer Leslea Williams prepares one of the eight-by-eight boards for the Dawn-Euphemia Barn Quilt trail

Colourful barn quilts which tell the story of Dawn-Euphemia will soon grace local roadways.
A volunteer committee began working in 2015 and hoped to help rejuvenate the area by highlighting some of the township’s rich history and changing landscape, according the Dawn-Euphemia Councillor Leslea Williams who is a member of the volunteer committee.
It received funding from the Creative Counties Committee in Lambton and sought out sponsors including the Dresden Rotary Club and the IODE. Local businesses have also contributed everything from paint to lumber to a place to create the barn quilts.
The group found a number of local landmarks and historic events which will be marked with an eight-foot square traditional quilt block. Together, the barn quilts will form a trail.

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  1. Is there any place to get the list of barn quilts that are up with the names and locations and any further ones. I have completed about 5 trails in Ontario and would love to do this also. Thank you Janis

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