Veen making a statement while losing his dreadlocks Friday

Adam Veen at his 2015 graduation. His locks will be clipped Friday by hairstylist Lindsay Dana to raise money for youth mental health services

When Adam Veen was just 16, he decided to put his curly hair into dreadlocks.
It was a bold fashion statement for a teen and the hairstyle stuck for 17 years.
The Oil Springs man admits over the years he’s faced a lot of questions about how he washes the hair and “It must be hot in the summer.” That’s a question Veen doesn’t have an answer to since he can’t remember what it felt like pre-dreadlocks.
He will soon. Veen plans to cut his dreadlocks off to raise money for children’s mental health services. “I knew it was time for a change, so I’m trying to make a positive impact out of this big change.”
Veen chose St. Clair Child and Youth Services and the children’s arm of Lambton’s Canadian Mental Health Services for a reason. “I want teens to know it doesn’t matter if your hair is in dreadlocks or you’re a little different than everyone else outside, what matters what you look like on the inside.”
Veen hopes to raise $2,000 to split between the charities after the June 15 event at the Oil Springs Legion. His dad, Oil Springs Mayor Ian Veen has pledged $500 so he can have the honours of being first to chop the locks off.
To donate to Veen’s Dread the Cut event you can go to