Plympton -Wyoming council wants OPP cruisers to slow down through Wyoming


Hope Nywening says she “took one for the town.” And it was a big one.
The Wyoming teen was hit by a Lambton OPP SUV at the corner of Confederation Line and Broadway St.
And the accident prompted Plympton-Wyoming Council to ask the local detachment to slow down.
Nywening was on her way to church July 24. She was heading north on Broadway and waiting for a white pickup truck to head through the intersection before turning left. When the truck unexpectedly pulled over – Nywening thought he’d stopped to make a phone call or text someone. So, she started to make her turn. She didn’t even see the OPP SUV hit her. It was hidden by another truck.

Both the teen and the OPP officer were taken to the hospital with minor injuries but Nywening’s parents are “overjoyed” their daughter is okay.

Nywening says many people are angry about the speed of police cruisers in town, but he’s not. “Hopefully, this accident will help make it sink in the consequences of taking a risk and maybe they’ll be a little better and be a little smarter assessing the risk.”

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