Dunlop wants to be a voice for local businesses on Petrolia council


Brian Dunlop wants to bring the voice of business to Petrolia council.
Dunlop, 53, who owns Actor’s Restaurant and works at the family business Streets Cartage, wants to become a councillor for Petrolia in the Oct. 22 municipal election. This is Dunlop’s first foray into politics. He says he wants to contribute to the leadership of the town.
Why did you want to run for council?
The easy answer is I disagreed with some of the stuff in the past…I just look at the state of the town council and I thought ‘you know what, I can probably help somewhat, and I have some ideas and from a business standpoint, we don’t have a lot of business people on council.
I think I can represent some of the businesses…I think I can help, but I don’t need to be a leader.

What’s the biggest issue this election?
I think the biggest thing we have to remember we’re elected by the people and we have to do the best job we can for the people. It should be transparent…there should be nothing hidden. It’s not rocket science.
What would you like to see accomplished in the next four years if you are elected?
I don’t really have an agenda. I don’t really have issues that stand out to me that I say, okay, I want to see this happen or that happen. There are a few things the town does – they put on these events – and I really don’t think the town should be involved in those events. Some of that stuff belongs more to a service club….When the town is doing stuff they need to make sure it helps all businesses in town.”
If you’re elected, would you vote to have the Fleming report on the actions of the former CAO released?
There is a lot of people that want this Fleming report and everything released and I don’t know. I guess you have to read it first to decide if it is a good thing to release because half the people don’t care and the ones that do care are being nosey…But I think when you work for the town or whether you’re a councillor or a mayor, you’re open to public scrutiny. Is there anything that is in it that may incriminate past councillors…until you see it there is a probably a fine line there of what you can really see there. But I certainly think the town has a right to know.
Do you favour moving town hall out of Victoria Hall as suggested to council by a consultant?
Dunlop says he is open to looking at moving town services out of Victoria Hall adding the theatre is one of the main drivers of the economy.