Loosley wants to work with MOE to find ways to reopen compost site


Brad Loosley would like to work with the Ministry of the Environment to see if the Petrolia compost site could be reopened.
It’s just one of the items the 69 year-old former clerk has on his list of things to do should he be elected mayor of Petrolia Oct. 22.
Loosley is one of three running for the position. He cites his experience working in municipal administration as one of his strong suits which will help voters regain trust in their local council.
Council’s closure of the compost site has been one of the big issues Loosley’s been hearing going door-to-door. And he believes the town should take a look at the options available. “The ministry is always cooperative when you cooperate with them…you can negotiate…see about phasing things in to see what can be done,” he says.
Loosley hopes to arrange a meeting with staff, the mayor and the MOE to explore the possibilities.
Loosley says voters are also upset about the new online voting system. He says many people were expecting to be able to have a paper ballot option. He would like to consider that for the next election, should he be elected.
Loosley is also aware many people are skeptical about municipal politics after the former CAO resigned in November. He hopes to build confidence by making sure town hall releases “factual information” whether it is good or bad.
But the candidate is still not sure whether the report on the former CAO’s activities should be released publicly.
He says provincial legislation may keep the report under wraps.
Loosely suggests there could be an overview of what happened present to the public so people won’t think things are being “purposely hidden…There are still people wondering what is the big secret.”
Loosley believes many of the problems encountered in the last few years can be solved with open, factual information provided to the public which he vows to provide if he’s elected.