Petrolia hires consultant to consider compost transfer site

Waste Management employee Clarence Postma grabs an armful of sticks from the back of a pickup during the first of Petrolia’s compost days at the Progress Drive site in april 2017. The town own site on Maud St. may open again May 15 but as a transfer station.

Petrolia has hired a consultant to figure out if the former compost depot on the Maude St. extension could be a transfer station in the future – the same consultant that recommended it close.
In April 2017, the town closed the compost depot after the Ministry of the Environment listed about a dozen problems with the way the compost centre was operated. At the time, staff hired RWDI Consultants to review what should be done. Council then followed the consultants advice to close the compost depot.
It became a major issue for some in the community, particularly when the town implemented a pay-as-you go transfer station.
Council recently approved the hiring of RWDI Consultants again to study all the issues around setting up a transfer site on Maude St., including what hurdles the municipality would have to clear with the Ministry of the Environment to get the transfer station open.
The town has set aside about $7,300 for the work.