Petrolia grocery store closes after electrical smoke smell sets off sprinkler


One of the busiest spots on a Saturday in Petrolia is closed right now and its not clear how long it will remain closed.

Petrolia/North Enniskillen firefighters were called to Heidi’s Independent Grocery store just before 9 am after employees smelled “electrical” smoke. Shortly after that, some of the sprinklers in the store went off.

Owner Heidi Soudant was in the parking lot with her employees, contacting the head office to see if an emergency restoration crew could be available if it was needed. She was not able to get into the building immediately to assess the damage, so she was unsure how long the store would be closed.

The Garden Centre, which is separate from the store, remains open.


  1. I was walking right into the baked goods aisle when it went off adjacent to it. I don’t remember seeing any smoke or smelling anything until after it went off (and was pouring water all over the lights and fan), but when the sprinkler for that section kicked in an starting pouring down large amounts of water. it was a quite the large puddle withing a minute. I don’t know about fire damage but seeing how much was coming down I can imagine some serious water damage.

  2. Just put out the usual “the roof is leaking again” buckets and no on will even notice the change.

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