LCCVI alumni to be honoured.

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Saturday, friends of John Brohman will be celebrating his legacy in sustainable development in the third world.

Friends of the LCCVI Alumni will be dedicating some items to the Heritage Room in the school marking the life of the Simon Fraser University professor who passed away several years ago.

Richard Whiting, the coordinator of The Brohman Project says his friend wrote a text book about international development that is still used today. “John’s book laid out the ground work for cooperativesm – a development which is sustainable, it doesn’t need to be destructive,” he says.

Whiting says the exhibit will be dedicated Saturday at 1 pm.

3 Responses to “LCCVI alumni to be honoured.”

  1. John Pettit

    I never did meet him, but his sister Mary Ellen lives here in Nanaimo and has told us all about him. He sounds like quite a good person.

  2. John Vosbourgh

    Our Friend John deserves this recognition be cause his theories of Popular Development are proven Latin America today and into the future… he actually spent his whole career helping the underprivileged throughout The Third World not looking for any recognition but to only share his knowledge to help others… very proud to be his Friend for over 40 years… John Vosbourgh

  3. Jim (Kibe) and June Boyle

    A lovely honour for one of the most intelligent men we knew. He walked the talk, doing so much good for the farmers in Nicaragua. But John’s charm was in treating each person he met as someone important and one always felt better after being with him. We were just back in Ont. and so will miss the celebration unfortunately. Love to his friends.