Brooke-Alvinston considers new Inwood hall


Brooke-Alvinston wants a one-year lease to the Inwood fire hall so it consider its options.
The municipality and the Inwood Fire Association have been at odds over an agreement since 16 firefighters resigned last year. The association wants to continue the current lease for the next five years and refused to negotiation behind closed doors.
Council rejected the associations offer and asked for a one-year deal instead. Mayor Dave Ferguson says the township wants to consider its options, including building another municipally owned hall in Inwood. The mayor admits that would be more expensive than the current $20,000 a year lease with the association.
“We want to maintain a prescence in Inwood; we don’t want to leave Inwood,” he says.
Association spokesman Matt Pasut doesn’t believe that adding the group is done negotiating.
The lease expires Dec. 31.