Five Wyoming firefighters treated for minor injuries as truck slides into creek on a call

A tow truck operator from Preferred Towing watches as Pumper No. 1 from the Wyoming department is righted. The vehicle slid into a ditch responding to a pick up truck on fire in a soybean field on London Line . A lawsuit has now been settled between one of the firefighters involved who had been fired by former Chief, Steve Clemens.

Five Wyoming firefighters were taken to hospital with minor injuries after the fire truck they were on tipped into a creek while responding to a call.

The department was called to London Line this morning after a stolen pick up truck caught fire in a bean field north of London Line near South Plympton Road.

Chief Steve Clemens says the pumper operator got out of the vehicle to look at the mowed grass pathway beside the field and felt it was stable enough to use as a road for the truck. Less than halfway down the path, Clemens says the saturated bank gave way and the truck fell onto its side.

Clemens says the firefighters had minor injuries, bumps, bruises, cuts and strains, similar to being in a minor car accident. All have been released from the hospital.

The Ministry of Labour and the town’s health and safety committee are investigating the accident. Around 3 pm, two trucks from Preferred Towing were righting the vehicle.

Clemens says it may take a couple of weeks for the pumper to be inspected and re certified for use again.