Constable Chloe: Petrolia OPP make Forest girl’s day


It’s a day Constable Chloe won’t soon forget.
Seven year-old Chloe Cockshutt had the time of her life Oct. 23. The Make A Wish Foundation, working with the OPP in Petrolia, brought the Forest girl’s dreams to life.
Chloe’s mom, Heather Seguin, says the foundation, which grants wishes to kids who live with life-long health problems, decided to grant the little girl’s wish of having a virtual reality Playstation in her home. And they added a little something – knowing Chloe always wanted to meet a woman police officer, Make-A-Wish enlisted the help of the local OPP. “Staff Sgt. Ryan Omstead got involved and he wanted to do absolutely everything he could for her,” says Seguin.
The OPP came to her home, delivered her very own uniform, took her to Tim Hortons and then the OPP detachment where all the staff and the Tactical Response Team were waiting. She was given a hero’s welcome which included a barbecue, an up close look at all the equipment and hearing her name over the police radio.
Seguin says it was overwhelming. “When Chloe saw all the people to welcome her, she actually teared up. ‘Those are just tears of happiness Mummy, I’m just so happy right now,’ she told me.
“Just seeing the smile on her face was so heart warming,” she said adding everyone had smiles on their faces. “It was great to see how much happiness it brought to everyone.”
And when Chloe returned home, her new Playstation was ready.
Seguin says the family can’t thank Make A Wish and the OPP enough. “I’m sure she’ll be talking about this for a while.”

– Heather Wright