Four Wyoming firefighter resign and retire in wake of firings


Four members of the Wyoming Fire Department have handed in their resignations and retirements.

Multiple sources say the resignations were prompted by the dismissal of three senior firefighters Tuesday night.

The district chief, lieutenant and a 26 year-veteran firefighter were dismissed by Plympton-Wyoming Chief Steve Clemens. In an interview yesterday, Clemens said a private human resources firm had been hired in December to start an investigation. That probe led to another investigation. Clemens says he reviewed both investigations and then let the members of the fire service go.

Clemens wouldn’t say what the specific issue was, but did say the investigation centered on issues concerning the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Multiple sources have told The Independent the firefighters were given no specific reason for their dismissal.

The Independent asked Mayor Lonny Napper if council – which Clemens says backed the investigations – approved of the dismissal of the three firefighters. He declined to comment saying it is a personnel issue.

Wednesday night, before a training session, multiple sources say the chief talked with the members about his decision saying they would be given more information in a week.

That is when the four senior firefighters criticized the dismissal of the district chief, lieutenant and senior firefighter – who had about 70 years of service combined – and announced their resignations and retirements.

The Independent has reached out to all the firefighters involved; all have said they aren’t ready to talk, yet.

The chief, in a text message Tuesday, said “These matters have now been closed.”