UPDATED: Three firefighters dismissed from the Wyoming department

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Wyoming and Camlachie firefighters go into Athena's Restaurant to assess the damage. During a May 2019 fire. Three senior firefighters were dismissed from the department Tuesday night.

Three senior Wyoming firefighters have been dismissed.

Wyoming District Chief Jeff Scott, Lieutenant Carrie Ann Wilson and Jason Lyon – a firefighter with about 26 years of service – were let go Tuesday night, Plympton-Wyoming Fire Chief Steve Clemens confirmed for The Independent Wednesday.

Because it was a personnel issue, Clemens says few details can be released. He says staff, with the backing of council, hired a private human resources firm to begin an investigation in December. That probe led to another investigation. Clemens says he reviewed the results of the two investigations and released the firefighters from their duties as a result.

While Clemens wouldn’t say specifically what the issue was, he did say the investigation looked at issues surrounding the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Sources tell The Independent the three were released with no cause – a phrase used when there isn’t a specific reason for dismissing an employee.

Sources also say members of the department weren’t aware an investigation was on going and its believed the three affected members were not interviewed during the investigation.

Clemens would not directly answer whether the firefighters had been interviewed, responding to the question by text message saying: “The town used an independent third party investigator for two required investigations. The town has considered all of the evidence and information and the matter does not require any further action. These matters have now been closed.”

The Independent asked Mayor Lonny Napper if council – which Clemens says backed the investigations – approved of the dismissal of the three firefighters. He declined to comment saying it is a personnel issue.

For the time being, Clemens will be the acting District Chief in Wyoming saying it may be some time before a new district chief is selected “out of respect for those who served well over the years.”

Sources say three other senior firefighters were also reprimanded as a result of the investigation, however it is not clear if their duties at the department have been affected.



7 Responses to “UPDATED: Three firefighters dismissed from the Wyoming department”

  1. Jo burnley

    Why is this only half a story? Where is the feedback from those dismissed? This story definitely needs more investigation

    • Burns Myass

      So it’s not hard enough being a part time firefighter you have to publish this kind of stuff. Why not tell the readers about the years of time they dedicated to do the thankless job they have done!instead you publish their names and give no reason as to why? This allowing the public to come up with different ideas as to why!,,, You should be ashamed of what you have done?Just another way of thoughtless media garbage. Thanks

  2. Laura

    This is garbage writing. Are you alluding to the fire resulting in job loss? Do you even know? Are they fighting this termination? Are you creating gossip where there doesn’t need to be any?
    Are you posting about the 4 people that lost their jobs at the grocery store or from imperial? Are you prepared to be held accountable for deformation of character?
    Are you now in the business of gossip tabloid worthy stories? No thanks!
    Write about expected shortages on the force.. Write about new job opps around town.. But stop posting 1 sided half truths..

  3. Dwayne Bristol

    I was in the fire and barely got out. The “why” of the matter does not matter unless involved. Personally I got nothing but respect for the fine job the men and woman of the Wyoming department do on a daily basis. I think everyone should drop it and worry about more important issues in the community. In my eyes and I was there everyone involved did a terrific job!!!


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