St. Clair ready to tee off safely

St. Clair Township golf course

Golf is set to return to the St. Clair Parkway Golf Course soon, but those seeking to hit the links will be paying a bit extra to ensure a safe round.

Players will be looking at $5 increases in power cart and pull cart rentals, along with a $200 pull cart membership. The new fees are being set to reflect extra charges for the course as a result of increased cleaning, organization needed to move and disinfect carts between each round, and extra fuel since only one golfer will be allowed to a cart. 

“Once the golfer is on the golf course that’s the safest place for them, they practice social distancing,” says golf course superintendent Kendall Lindsay. “It’s from the parking lot to the first tee that’s the issue.” Lindsay said that the course is still looking for a safe solution to the washroom situation, both in the clubhouse and along the course. He said that obtaining enough cleaning supplies to keep up with demand may also be an issue.

The province gave golf courses the okay to begin to get ready for opening, but has not said when people will be able to hit the links.