St. Clair says no to new Wilkesport tower


Alex Kurial
Local Journalism Initiative

First there was too little competition, now there appears to be too much.
St. Clair Township Council Council has turned down an internet company which wanted to expand into Wilkesport.
Xplornet had proposed a 45 metre (147 foot) lattice tower at 1622 Baby Rd. – the Wilkesport Community Centre – with the intention of providing wireless internet service to clients in the area.
Monday night, councillors raised the point that there are already plans to bring fibre optic internet to the area over the next year through a partnership with Cogeco.
Another tower may over-saturate the market, and leave the town with a little-used eyesore if customers opt for the fibre-optic route.
There was also concern of the tower’s immediate proximity to the road, should it ever fall over.