Four LCCVI students earn the right to be Nicol scholars


Four LCCVI graduates have been named this year’s Nicol Scholars

Mercedes Greer, Matt Mueller, Madelaine Nemcek and Caitlin Wilson were announced as the winners this afternoon.

The Nicol Scholarship is awarded to the top academic students who participate in community and school life. It is awarded by a panel of judges which includes local ministers, politicians and school representatives.

The scholarship fund was set up by Harold Robert Madden Nicol who went to LCCVI in 1914, before entering the military to join the troops in the First World War when he was just 14.

When he returned, he took a college business course and worked with Western Electric which later became AT&T in Chicago.

​Without a wife or children, Nicol had amassed a fortune of over $2 million. “That’s when he came up with the idea of a scholarship for the high school he had never attended,” says Doug Inglis, who wrote a book about Nicol.

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