Threat to parent nets Kettle Point man jail time


Alex Kurial/Local Journalism Initiative

“I’m going to get you,” the court heard Troy Shawnoo yelled at his parents as he plead guilty on June 19.

This will be Shawnoo’s sixth conviction of uttering threats. 

Police were called to Shawnoo’s parents home on Kettle Point on April 4 this year, where he was staying while out on bail. Shawnoo’s father told the officers that Shawnoo had approached his mother with clenched fists.

When the father stood himself between the two, Shawnoo began running around the house and threatening them.

When police arrived they had placed Shawnoo in the back of a cruiser to calm down.
After hearing this account from the father, officers told Shawnoo he was being charged.

He became irate and kick the divider in the cruiser.

Shawnoo claimed to be Tecumseh – the storied First Nations leader in the War of 1812 – and said the man and woman were not his parents. 

Shawnoo also plead guilty to missing a probation meeting and skipping a court date. The Crown asked for a total of 120 days in jail along with an 18 month probation order.
Defense countered with a 72-day suggested sentence.

Judge Krista Leszczynski sided closer to the Crown by imposing a 105-day sentence. Shawnoo will serve just more than a month after using his 70 days of pre-sentence custody. 

Terms of Shawnoo’s probation will include a weapons ban, DNA order and lengthy list of people he may not contact.