St. Clair quizzes residents on wheelie bins and bridges in survey


Alex Kurial
Local Journalism Initiative

St. Clair Township will be conducting a community survey to figure out if residents want wheelie bin garbage collection among other things.

Organized by the Public Works division, the survey will gather people’s views on how the township is performing in key services.

It will also ask residents where they would like to see future spending go, and what areas of the community they feel tax dollars should be used to improve.

Questions will include how people feel about the state of roads, bridges, water and sanitation services, and more.

One of the big questions will be whether the township should adopt a large rolling cart garbage collection service, instead of the current small garbage can or bag method.

There are two ways to complete the survey, which runs until July 19. Some residents will be called at random and asked questions. The survey is expected to last around 10 minutes by phone.

People can also fill out the survey themselves on the township website.
Results will be available by the late summer or early fall and will help decide where money for the revised Asset Management Plan will end up.

The survey is being conducted by Probe Research for $18,450.