Argument over dating app ends in jail time for Sarnia man


Alex Kurial

Local Journalism Initiative

A Sarnia man plead guilty to assaulting his girlfriend – and later her grandmother – after the discovery of his online dating profile.

Kayleb Traquair, 19, was in Sarnia Court on Sept. 3 to learn his sentence. He received 30 days in jail on a total of six charges. The bulk of this came from the pair of assaults, but also included several bail breaches and a drug charge.

The trouble began on June 16 this year when Traquair’s girlfriend found a dating profile on his phone with messages from several women. She confronted him and a fierce argument began. The woman eventually went to leave the house but Traquair threw her to the ground. He dragged her to the couch but she managed to escape and run to her grandmother’s house. Traquair followed her, but police had been called and he was arrested. 

Traquair returned to the grandmother’s home on Aug. 1 but was scared off by a witness who called police. When officers arrived Traquair was gone, but he returned soon after and was arrested. 

Traquair was released the next day and immediately went back to the house and snuck in. His ex-girlfriend yelled at him to leave. Traquair left after screaming derogatory names at her and stealing her bong. 

Traquair again returned later that night around 1:30 am. This time the girlfriend’s grandmother confronted him and told him to leave. She picked up the phone to call the cops, causing Traquair to begin yelling at her. He grabbed her arm and twisted until she dropped the phone. But the grandmother managed to recover and finish her call, bringing the cops to the house to arrest Traquair. 

On Aug. 10 it was discovered that Traquair had breached the curfew conditions of his bail. He was spotted by police two days later on Christina St. N. and arrested. A search found seven tablets of codeine Traquair had illegally.

“All of this has been a very new and eye opening experience,” says defense lawyer Terry Brandon. “He’s spent some significant time in custody which has been very difficult with COVID-19 and the isolation for 14 days. He has stated his desire to work with probation and not return to jail.”

The 30 day sentence is covered by time served. Traquair now enters a 12 month probation period. He must stay away from his ex-girlfriend, her grandmother, and another witness. He has to take counselling for domestic violence and substance abuse, submit a DNA order, and observe a 5 year weapons ban. On an unrelated matter Traquair must also stay away from the LCBO on Quinn Dr.  

“Your conduct was certainly troubling, not only because it involved violence, but also the repeat ignoring of the rules the court set for you and the boundaries you were supposed to maintain,” says Justice Deborah Austin to Traquair during sentencing.

Brandon says that her client now understands the importance of following a court order. 

Austin says that Traquair’s young age means he has time to turn things around. “I’m hoping that this sentence is a wake up call for you… make sure that you move in a different direction in your life,” she says.