Four impaired driving charges laid in September in Lambton


Lambton OPP have been kept busy with impaired driving offenses.

Sept. 6, police stopped a vehicle on Oil Heritage Road in Enniskillen for an apparent driving infraction. Police were speaking with the driver and believed he had been drinking. Officers gave a roadside test which registered fail.

Police searched the vehicle and found open liquor and a prohibited weapon inside. A 48 year-old Goderich man has been charged with impair driving, and possession of an unauthorized weapon.

The same day in Corunna, police were called to a collision at the corner of Albert and Colborne Drive.

Police say it became apparent one of the drivers had been drinking.

A 26 year-old St. Clair township man has been charged with impaired driving.

On Sept. 5, OPP were patrolling Oil Heritage Road in Dawn-Euphemia and stopped a motorbike driver to make sure it was properly suited for operation on the road. Police felt he’d been drinking and did a roadside test.

A 49 year-old Dawn-Euphemia man has been charged.

And a 48 year-old Brooke-Alvinston man faces impaired driving charges after a Sept. 1 incident.

Around 4:30 pm that day OPP were called to a business for a possible impaired driver. OPP watched as the man got out of the vehicle with a drink in hand.