Roundabout considered at Egremont and Nauvoo


A contentious corner in Warwick may be getting a roundabout.

Lambton County public works staff is recommending the county build a traffic circle at the corner of Egremont and Nauvoo Roads. Warwick Township council asked the county to consider the move saying there have been many accidents at the corner. County staff agreed a roundabout would reduce the risk of crashes at the corner and would be possible because of the large amount of land in the area. It would cost about $1.1 million.

But another high risk intersection, Churchill and Mandaumin, is not recommended for a roundabout. The county considered what changes could be made to the intersection after several accidents with deaths there.

County officials say there is not enough land there to create a traffic circle and there are still other measures which could be tried. Officials are recommending more lighting, and a flashing red light over the stop sign. That would cost about $35,000.

Both items will be discussed during the 2021 budget.