New Ollie predicts six more weeks of winter in Oil Springs


It’s not a surprising verdict considering its 2021 – Oil Springs Ollie has predicted another six weeks of winter.

The Village of Oil Springs began the tradition of predicting spring with a ground hog in 2014 when the live groundhog from Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue predicted another six weeks of winter.

Over the years, Ollie has travelled to Wyoming and Sarnia to see his shadow in front of a crowd. But this year Oil Springs introduced a new Ollie mascot to predict the weather at the Oil Springs Youth Centre. It was a virtual event because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Although Oil Spring Ollie predicted six more weeks of winter, we know there will be sunnier days ahead,” says Oil Springs Mayor Ian Even after Ollie pops his head out of the Youth Centre front door, falls in shock to the ground and then goes back inside.

You can watch the prediction on the Village of Oil Springs YouTube channel.