Out of order; new provincial rules may mean change of leadership

St. Patrick Catholic School graduate Madeline Morrison received the Tony Stranak Conservation scholarship from St. Clair Region Conservation Authority board chair Joe Faas (right) and vice-chair Larry Gordon.

Heather Wright/The Independent

The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority has a leadership problem.
The province recently changed the rules for conservation authorities including regulations setting term limits of two years for both the board’s chair and vice chair.
Both Chair Joe Faas, who represents Chatham-Kent, and Vice Chair Larry Gordon from Point Edward are in their third year.
Conservation authority General Manager Brian McDougall brought up the concern at a special meeting Monday saying the board should deal with the issue as soon as possible. He says many conservation authorities are in the same position and are asking for some time to make changes, although McDougall wasn’t sure how lenient the province would be.
The board asked staff for a report on options for the April meeting. Not many seemed too worried if the province’s feathers would be ruffled.
“If the government can throw a wrench in our work and who we are, we can throw a wrench back,” says Lambton Shores Representative Lori Scott.