Former Watford retirement home to be apartments


The Independent

An Watford retirement home with a checkered past will get new life.

The home on Victoria Street used to be a 32 person retirement village. In the last few years it attracted residents with significant needs which were not being met. But Brock Development Group purchased the home and plans 20 apartments.

Neighbours voiced concern, saying there wasn’t enough room for parking and a proposed lot would be their new view.

But Brock Development Spokesperson Michelle Doornbosch said they plan a significant investment.

“We are not proposing to expand the building…We know that there are substantial upgrades that are required,” she says. That will include a new fence and parking lot.

Doornbosch says the plan was originally to use it as a rest home but she said it would need to much work to meet today’s standards.

Warwick council okayed the residential zoning Monday.