Twenty-five percent of Lambton residents have one shot of COVID-19 vaccine.


Twenty five per cent of eligible Lambton residents have had a vaccine.

Lambton’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Sudit Ranade says there have been 28,495 doses administered across the county in total – that’s about 25 per cent of the people who can receive one. There is not a vaccine for children under 16 yet.

The province and the county are now accepting appointments from anyone 60 to 69 years of age today. Also people under 60 years of age with highest-risk, high-risk and at-risk health conditions along with one essential caregiver from each of those groups are eligible to pre-register for their vaccinations.

While the eligibility is expanding, the vaccine supply is slowing slightly. “In the next couple of weeks, there is a little bit of a dip in vaccine delivery,” says Ranade adding it is “not a local dip but a province-wide dip.”

Usually Lambton receives about 3,500 Pfizer vaccines but it is likely to get between 2,500 and 2,800. The shipment of Moderna has been delayed this week. Ranade says public health will be managing the number of appointments for vaccine to deal with the delay “matching clinic numbers to the allocations we are sure we are going to see.”

Three pharmacies in Lambton have also received 500 doses of AstraZenica vaccines. The pharmacies will be booking the appointments and administering the shots.