Construction starts but lease for Warwick building not done


Heather Wright/The Independent

It will be late this year or early next before Warwick Township moves into its new office building. But it is still not clear exactly what it will cost.
The township is working with Watford Investment Group on the new building on Nauvoo Road. Work has already started and in a report to council Administrator Amanda Gubbels says the exterior of the building should be complete in six months.
It will take another six months to complete the interior of the building with staff moving in late 2021 or early 2022.
Watford Investment Group will own the building and the township will lease it, however the lease agreement has yet to be worked out.
“I think it’s just about there, we are crossing T’s and dotting I’s at this point,” says Mayor Jackie Rombouts. “It is just (negotiating) an agreeable price for the lease and making sure that we get what we want, and they get what they want.”
The mayor says council has an idea of what the lease payment will be.
Gubbels adds staff still has to provide a final cost for the interior and furnishings.
Rombouts says staff is ready to move to town. Right now the municipal office is in rural Warwick on Nauvoo Road.
“I’m excited that the office will be in town, because a lot of times I think people go directly out to the office, and they’re not in town to see what’s going on,” says Rombouts.