Extra food truck at Bridgeview given the green light

Dips Ice Cream tested the Petrolia market in 2020. It had a spot at the Victoria Hall parking lot. Council has approved the use of another food truck at Bridgeview Park

Heather Wright/The Independent

It may take a while, but Petrolia councillors have cleared the way for another food truck at Bridgeview Park.

At the April 26 meeting, council approved a new Concession Mobile Refreshment Truck bylaw, without any comment.

It will see up to four trucks on the north and south sides of Bridgeview Park. The licences for the north side of the park will not be offered for the time being. And Dave Menzies, director of community services, says it may be a while before another food truck appears on the southside.

“There is no rush to get the second unit in Bridgeview at this time, especially given COVID restrictions,” he said in an email.  Menzies says the area has to be prepared for a truck.

There have been some inquiries about the space but a time frame to offer the $5,000 licence hasn’t been set yet.

The new bylaw also removes the option of food trucks setting up in parking lots in the downtown with council approval.