Volleyball courts going up in Wyoming this summer


Plympton-Wyoming is installing two new outdoor volleyball courts in Wilpstra Park.

Council discussed the move at length during the May 12 council meeting after the parks committee suggested the idea.

It gave council a couple of ideas for location including the “Wilpstra Tot Park” which currently doesn’t have a lot of amenities.

It also suggested McKay Park, where many outdoor features, including the skateboard park and the splash pad are already located.

Wilpstra Park was the final choice, however Councillor Gary Atkinson suggested council write to the neighbours to let them know what was going on.

“I think we owe it to them,” he says.

“I think we all would prefer that if that was where we lived, is to (have council) say ‘this is what’s going on, there probably won’t be at nighttime activity -just in the daytime. We’re not planning on putting any lights up.’”

Staff will write the letter and the plan will move ahead unless there is opposition from the neighbours.