Outdoor ice rink planned for Camlachie

The Camlachie Community Centre will be the home to a new outdoor ice rink. The Huron Shores Optimists plan to raise $400,000 for the rink.

The Huron Shores Optimists are thinking hockey already.

The service club is planning a new outdoor ice surface at the Camlachie Community Centre.

Optimist Spokesman Bruce Moulton says the ice pad will have a chiller to keep ice in place from November to March. About 100 people will be able to use the surface at a time.

“We’re certainly looking for a lot of public skating and maybe some shinny games and stuff, but it’s only going to be 60 (feet) by 120 (feet). So, it’s not going to be the size of a regulation hockey rink. It is going to be a nice size for sure.”

Moulton says throughout the pandemic, the need for more outdoor facilities has become obvious.

“There were some ice rinks around an area and they were packed. People were skating out in farmer’s fields, because they had that opportunity this year,” says Moulton.

“So,we know that the kids would like it. And it’s for adults as well. It’s for people of all ages. And we want to build it as well for kids that maybe need to do sledge hockey, so it will be an all inclusive, multipurpose facility.”

Moulton says the club is just picking a fundraising committee. One event has already been organized to raise cash for the project. The Camlachie Summer Send Off will be Sept. 18 at Lamrecton Park.

Moulton says it will be one of many events organized for the massive project.

“It’s just over $400,000 to build,” says Moulton. “We’re just establishing our fundraising committee and certainly we’re looking at getting grants. And then of course, looking for help from the public as well.”

Once the money is raised and the rink is built, Moulton says the Optimists plan to raise money to put a roof over the rink as well.