Skateboarders want St. Clair to buy into a new, bigger park

The current Corunna skate park is not in great shape according to users.

Alex Kurial/Local Journalism Initiative

Kicks, flips and tricks look set to be cranked up a notch in St. Clair’s largest community.
Nicki Krohn of the Corunna Skateboard Park Committee presented the group’s vision of a new 7,200 square foot facility at the Corunna Athletic Park. It would include stairs, rails, ramps, a half pipe and a pump track.
“These kids are all craving a place to go where they can call their own,” says Krohn. “It provides an opportunity for people to come together.”
Krohn says the park would be a good outlet for kids who have been consumed by technology since the pandemic started and be a major boost to their mental and physical health.
There’s currently a small skate park on the grounds but it recently lost one of its signature features, the half pipe.
“To watch it go was difficult for many of the people who use it,” says Krohn.
The committee is hoping to break ground on the site next year. They’re hoping to build it in the northeast corner of the park at the Queen and Hill Street intersection.
The group has estimated the total cost at $200,000. They plan to raise half of that themselves, $10,000 of which they’ve already secured, and hope the township can cover the other half.
“I think this is great news for the youth in our area…. I think this is a great initiative,” says Councillor Pat Brown.
Town staff will now prepare a report on the proposal, looking at issues such as fencing, lighting, controlled access and liability.

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