Words of support – and a new flag – after vandalism of Pride flag at Petrolia food truck

A new Pride flag hangs at Truckin Mama's at Bridgeview Park after the original icon of equality was damaged.

A brand new Pride flag is hanging near Christopher Tripp’s food truck in Petrolia’s Bridgeview Park.

He put out a call for a new one after vandals spray painted a cross and a bible verse on his flag symbolizing equality which had been hanging near Truckin Mama’s chip truck for weeks.

“Sometimes people can be horrible,” wrote Tripp on social media Sunday after finding the flag damaged. “So much for equality and kindness. Who ever feels this is right to do. You can’t break me that easily.”

Owner Christopher Tripp posted the damaged flag on social media Sunday.

The damage was met with words of support from private citizens and groups such as the Petrolia Enniskillen Agricultural Society. “Very sad and disappointed to hear about the vandalism to Truckin Mamas Pride flag,” officials wrote on social media. “We can do better. Spread love not hate.”

Tripp put out a call for a Pride flag to put up until the one he ordered came in. The Town of Petrolia responded and a new unmarked flag was waving in a few hours.

Tripp urged people who were voicing anger about the incident to talk to people about equality instead. “Don’t hate, Educate. We are no better then the ones who do this if we only get mad and try to get even.”