Community fridge in the works for Petrolia


There will soon be a very big fridge behind St. Paul’s United Church in Petrolia with the door open to all.

Larry Leckie says the church is starting a Community Fridge project. A company in Toronto is donating a 12 foot long refrigerated truck to use for the winter months. The church and the Inn of the Good Shepherd will stock the unit with food. Anyone will be able to step inside and get what they need at anytime of the day.

Leckie says the Community Fridge will complement what the Petrolia Food Bank is doing. It gives out food boxes once every three weeks. “This is going to be seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” he says. And residents will be able to donate items as well.

The box is scheduled to arrive in October. Before that, the church will hold a community meeting Sept. 22 to explain the concept.