MOH debunks Lambton councillor’s COVID denial study


Heather Wright
The Independent

Lambton’s Medical Officer of Health is shooting down a “study” used by COVID-19 deniers.

Sarnia City/County Councillor Margaret Bird during a county council committee meeting Sept. 15, raised a “study from Cornell University” which claimed the COVID-19 virus had not been found in 1,500 people who died of what officials deemed to be the virus.

Then, she asked Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Christopher Greensmith if he had a physical sample from a patient where she could actually see the COVID-19 virus.

Greensmith, looking a little confused, pointed to the statistics gathered by Lambton Public Health and the province.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley chimed in that the 69 people who passed away in Lambton should be proof enough that COVID-19 exists in the community.

Later, when another county committee met in a separate session, Greensmith said he’d looked into the study Bird had talked about. Associated Press, he said, found it was a widely shared, fraudulent hoax.

“There is no foundation to it at all. It’s difficult to understand where that would come from. We do have COVID in Lambton.”