Theatres, arenas, movie theatres can have a full house

Theatres, such as Victoria Playhouse Petrolia, will be able to pack the house starting Saturday. The province has lifted capacity limits in venues where you have to have a vaccine passport to enter.

More people will be able to go to concerts and hockey games starting Saturday.

The province is lifting all capacity limits on venues which you need a vaccine passport to enter. That includes:

  • Concert venues, theatres and cinemas;
  • Spectator areas of facilities for sports and recreational fitness (would not include gyms, personal training);
  • Meeting and event spaces (indoor meeting and event spaces will still need to limit capacity to the number that can maintain physical distancing);
  • Horseracing tracks, car racing tracks, and other similar venues; and
  • Commercial film and television productions with studio audiences.

To date there has been a limited number of outbreaks in these settings, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health said in a news release.

Other public health and workplace safety measures continue to remain in effect for these settings. This can include wearing face coverings, screening and the collecting of patron information to support contact tracing.

In settings where capacity limits have been lifted, the requirement for individuals to maintain two metres of physical distancing are being removed, with limited exceptions.

In addition, proof of vaccination will continue to be required in outdoor settings where the normal maximum capacity is 20,000 people or more to help keep these venues safe for patrons, say public health officials.