Spring move likely for Warwick Township administration office

The plans for the new Warwick Township office on Watford's main street. The township was hoping to be in by December. The contractor now says it will be April.

It will be the spring before Warwick Township moves into its new digs in Watford.

The township will be leasing a space on Nauvoo Road which is being built by Watford Investment Group. It’s part of a three building development which began to take shape during the pandemic. The township administration was expected to move in to the new digs by the end of this year, but that’s not going to happen.

Frank Callipari recently told council members construction delays have been caused by pandemic shortages of materials and delays by contractors.

“Everyone’s going back to go install something that showed up three weeks later. It takes away from their timelines, and that’s what we’re dealing with,” he says. The builder also had to meet a firm deadline of Libro Financial which has now moved to its location.

Callipari says the township building could be ready by April.