Lambton councillor doesn’t trust school vaccine clinics


A Lambton County Councillor says vaccine clinics shouldn’t be held in schools .

Sarnia City/County Councillor Margaret Bird, who has raised widely discredited theories about COVID-19 before, asked her fellow councillors to write to Canada’s health minister urging him to prohibit the practice.

“Teachers and politicians are not doctors and have no authority or responsibility over the health of our children,” Bird said in a statement at the end of the Nov. 24 council meeting. “Parents are the only people who have authority to give consent for what gets put into the bodies of their children.

“We do not need schools to hold these clinics behind closed doors,” she added seeming to suggest children would be vaccinated without their parent’s knowledge.

Bird added parents “need to know their children are safe when in any public facility. They need to know there is absolutely no risk to their children.”

Bird then went on to cite studies which claimed increased risk to children who have had the COVID-19 vaccine.

That raised the ire of Sarnia Mayor and County Councillor Mike Bradley. “The last time the councilor raised a study, it turned out it was not accurate and it was dismissed by the acting medical officer of health,” he said adding some of Bird’s “theories, I think, many people would disagree with.”

Bradley suggested if Bird wanted to make a speech about an issue, she should be willing to ask council to endorse her opinion so people know whether other Lambton councillors agree.

Bird refused adding “I don’t like the innuendos here suggesting what I’m presenting is not fact…people are always going to say it is true its not true…it behooves everyone to do their own research.”

In a news release announcing the opportunity for five to 11 year-olds to be vaccinated, Bird’s views were discounted.

“The COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11 has been tested rigorously, is safe, and is being used around the world,” says Bluewater Health Chief of Pediatrics, Dr. Tom Lacroix. “I strongly encourage all eligible children to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The vast majority of side effects from the vaccine are mild, but most children don’t have any side effects at all. When considering long-term risks, a pediatric COVID-19 infection is a much more serious concern.”