WITH PHOTOS: Thunderstorm dumps about 60 mm of rain on Wyoming and Reece’s Corners

Greg and Jessy Clark wade through the water behind their Broadway Street home in Wyoming.

Brenda Clark was just starting to cut her client’s hair when the rain began in Wyoming.

Before long, the power was out.

After 45 minutes of heavy rain, Broadway Street in front of her house was flooded with water coming up her driveway and licking at the tires of the truck each time a passing vehicle made a wake.

Her husband and son, Greg and Jessy, walked through the water beside their home beside Wyoming Baptist Church. It has already receded a bit, but it was still up to their calves.

Clark says when it rains heavily, the area usually has extra water and sometimes the street floods – but not like this.

A thunderstorm with heavy rains settled over Wyoming around 5:30 pm Tuesday Clark said and the water just kept coming. Environment Canada estimates about 60 mm fell there.

In Reece’s Corners, some branches were down and the water was laying in the field. Down London Line, a home under construction on the Schenk’s poultry farm appears to have taken a hit from strong winds with the garage portion of the house frame collapsed.

On Confederation, just outside of Wyoming, more evidence of the strong winds in the storm, corn was pushed over to the south.

At 9:52 pm, the power was still out to about 500 people around the Wyoming Baptist Church, according to Hydro One. It’s not clear when it will be restored.