Warwick staff, council get three percent increase

Warwick council opening the new municipal building in April.

Employees and municipal council members in Warwick Township are getting a three percent wage increase to cover the increasing cost of living.

In a report to council, CAO Amanda Gubbels says council approved the increase July 11 and it took effect Aug. 1.

“Cost of living adjustments are one piece of a competitive wage structure in Warwick and are a valuable tool to ensure that the work completed as part of the 2020 wage study and the CUPE wage scale do not fall behind market rates.

“If COLA rates are not applied regularly, there is risk related to retention of current employees and the ability of the Township to recruit new employees in the current challenging recruitment market,” she said in the report.

The increase should not have an affect on the budget since the township set aside four per cent for a cost of living increase in the budget and there are a couple of staff vacancies which have saved about $52,000.