Trailer trash talking: candidate explains signs in Brooke-Alvinston


An election campaign sign in Brooke-Alvinston is raising a few eyebrows.

Greg Hilliard is one of nine people running for four council seats in the Central Lambton municipality. His signs have a distinct look – suggesting he wants to be elected as the trailer park supervisor/councillor.

On social media, residents of the municipality questioned what the trailer park reference was about with some asking if it was for real.

“I guess mocking the community you want to win a seat on council for and control your taxpayers’ money is now a campaign strategy,” wrote one.

Hillard – who clashed with this council early in its term about a requirement to get a pool fence in 20 days to be in compliance with the local bylaws – says the signs have been misunderstood. “The whole reference to trailer park supervisors more reference to what a circus arts council has become,” he says.
“There are certainly some on there that like to take themselves extremely seriously. And let’s be honest, it’s a small town politics, we’re neighbors. When you’re a member of the Council or the mayor and want to speak down to your neighbors, it’s time for change.”

Hillard says the slight was not intended toward the community.

“That is not the intent of the signs; the intent is again to take a shot at the mayor and some of the members on council.”

And while the signs may have caused some poor first impressions, Hillard says it has provoked a conversation.

“At least now we’re talking, I got their attention and whether they agree with my platform and agree with what I’m saying or they don’t, at least they’re going to hear my message. And then they can make that decision whether they want to vote for me or whether they want to vote for somebody else.”