Brooke-Alvinston’s voter turn out highest in Lambton

Candidate Greg Hilliard congratulates David Ferguson who won his second term as mayor of Brooke-Alvinston. Brooke-Alvinston had the highest voter turn out in Lambton. Liana Russwurm Photo

While voters in Ontario’s larger cities largely stayed away from the municipal election polls, the voter turnout in Central Lambton was much higher.

Voter turnout in London was about 25 per cent. Toronto’s election drew 29 per cent of municipal voters; Brampton’s drew 24 per cent and Mississauga’s drew just 21.8 per cent.

But in Central Lambton, more voters turned out to elect their local representatives.

The highest voter turnout in the region was Brooke-Alvinston where 53.61 per cent of eligible voters returned David Ferguson to office along with a council including three new members. The municipality used mail in ballots.

Warwick Township – where former mayor Todd Case unseated current mayor Jackie Rombouts – 51.77 per cent of voters cast a ballot electronically. That compares to 46.78 per cent in 2018.

In Petrolia, 45.5 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot re-electing Brad Loosley and a council with only two incumbent councillors. In the 2018 election, 53.5 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot after the turbulent year when the former CAO left the town after renting buildings to the municipality using a numbered company.

Petrolia used an online voting platform but also had 116 people cast a paper ballot at town hall. That was part of the reason, according to Clerk Mandi Pearson, the results for Petrolia were among the last to be released election night.

In Plympton-Wyoming, 42.71 per cent of voters cast a ballot online to elect Gary Atkinson to succeed the retiring Lonny Napper. Voter turn out there was 46.1 per cent in the 2018 election.

St. Clair Township had the lowest voter turn out in Central Lambton with 39.34 per cent of voters heading to the polls. Jeff Agar was elected mayor in the wake of the retirement of Steve Arnold. The township uses the mail in ballots.

In Lambton Shores, Doug Cook became the new mayor after 39.6 per cent of voters cast ballots online and by phone.

Enniskillen, Oil Springs and Dawn-Euphemia council’s were all acclaimed however they did run elections for the trustee positions.

In Sarnia, where Mike Bradley won his 11th term as mayor, 40.4 per cent of voters cast a ballot.