New fire truck to arrive in Oil Springs this week


Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

The Village of Oil Springs Council received some good news just in time for Christmas.

It might not have a bow on it, but there will be a new fire truck in the fleet of the Oil Springs and South Enniskillen Fire Department soon.

Councillor Larry Wagner reported the new fire truck is in Woodstock, where the decals and the license plates will be put on the new vehicle.

A select few in the fire department will go to Woodstock and get training on the new truck and run through the various features on the new vehicle, before it can be delivered. Those who received the training will return to the fire department and give the same training to the rest of the crew.

The fire truck was in the budgets for both Oil Springs and Enniskillen Township.
Oil Springs’ portion is $140,000, amounting to 22 percent of the entire costs.

The lifespan of the fire truck is estimated to be between 20 and 25 years. The Office of the Fire Marshall dictates to municipalities when fire trucks need to be replaced.

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