Residents of Sarnia nursing home evacuated because of fire


120 people at Fairwinds Lodge were evacuated after a fire at the Sarnia retirement home over the weekend..

Sarnia firefighters were called to the home around 11 pm for a fire which started in the buildng’s north wing. Police and firefighters went room-by-room to make use all 120 people in the 113 room home were evacuated.

Sarnia Transit buses were used to move residents to a temporary shelter at Lambton College. About half had already been relocated with their families. Officials say 61 stayed at the college overnight.

If you have family at the home, you can call Sienna Senior Living at 1-866-959-4848 with any questions.

Sarnia fire called in help from Port Huron, Point Edward and St. Clair Township with about 75 firefighters on scene.

Fire officials say the fire was under control around 1:30 am. It’s expected Michigan Ave from Murphy Road to Blu Aire Gate will be closed to traffic until Monday afternoon.

The Ontario Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate.