Famous Five (statue) to visit Lambton during Women’s Day events


The women who led the groundbreaking case which led to women being recognized as people will grace some of the Women’s Day events in Lambton – at least a replica of them.

The so-called “Famous Five” were petitioners in the 1929 decision which gave women the right to be ‘persons’ under the law. A statue of Emily Murphy, Henrietta Edwards, Neillie McClung, Louise McKinny and Irene Parlby was erected in Ottawa in 2000. This year, a two foot high replica of the statue will be shown during some of the events being planned by the Lambton County Library in March.

The Famous 5 Maquette will only be on display during three International Women’s Day events at the Sarnia Library Theatre and for a 15-minute period before and after each of those same events on March 1, 6, and 15.

Among the events will be a forum on women in business, women who shaped Lambton’s history, a talk on the History of the Women’s Institutes in Lambton and a talk by ‘community driven’ women.

Registration is required to attend the International Women’s Day events. Visit the library’s program calendar at http://lclibrary.ca