Trail under bridge planned to link Bridgeview Park

Engineers drawings of a proposed link of north and south Bridgeview Park under the Petrolia Line Bridge.

The Town of Petrolia is planning to connect the north and south ends of Bridgeview Park with a trail underneath the Petrolia Line bridge.

In a report to council, BM Ross Engineering says the project includes the construction of two meter wide gravel trail from the parking lot on the south side of the Petrolia Line Bridge to about 20 meters north of the structure.
It would include armour stone riverbank protection, a handrail and a hot mix trail surface under the structure.

The engineers say the town would have to connect the trails with another 35 meter trail on the north side of the bridge and recommends pedestrian lighting.

The trail, BM Ross writes, would likely cost the town $178,000 including $34,000 in engineering fees if the project is completed in 2023.

Councillors approved the concept during the Feb. 13, council meeting.

Dave Menzies, director of parks and recreation, says in a report to council the work will not move ahead unless the town can find grants to cover 50 per cent of the costs.