Composters made available in Petrolia


Petrolia taxpayers will once again be able to get lower cost composters.

Since 1994, the Ontario government has had a law that said municipalities larger than 50,000 people had to provide composters at cost or lower to residents to encourage home composting.

At one point, there was a program, however it fell by the wayside.
While the municipal council was discussing the Maude Street transfer station, Councillor Liz Welsh brought up the regulation telling staff the town should be following it.

While the regulation doesn’t apply to a town the size of Petrolia, council authorized a program to provide the composters at cost.

The town working with the Petrolia Home Hardware will be offering the home composters at a cost of $75.

To receive one, residents have to go to town hall between April 1 and 15 with a proof of residency and the $75. They’ll get a voucher for the composter to be picked up at the hardware store when they arrive.