7,500 meals marking the work of 7,500 workers at NOVA’s Rokeby project

NOVA employees at the Inn of the Good Shepherd.

NOVA Chemicals wanted to mark the end of the expansion project on Rokeby Line.

So the St. Clair Township company donated $50,000 to the Inn of the Good Shepherd. The financial contribution and a kitchen takeover by NOVA employees serving 500 meals equal about 7,500 meals – the same number of people who worked on the $2.5 billion polyethylene facility project over the past three years.

This project has been a significant undertaking for NOVA and we are grateful for the tremendous efforts that have been put forward by our talented and dedicated construction and commissioning teams over the past several years. These efforts have not simply supported our company, they have contributed to the economic strength and resilience of our surrounding community and to be able to recognize this contribution is extremely rewarding,” said Rob Thompson, vice president of manufacturing east for NOVA in a news release.

He added “We’re pleased to have the opportunity to give back to our neighbours in a meaningful way.”