Family of slain Wyoming woman says parole hearing for killer scheduled Thursday

Brent, Alica and Joel Campbell with a picture of their mother, Fenny, who was murdered in Wyoming in 1998 by her husband, Donald Wayne Campbell. He was turned down for unescorted temporary absences May 15.

The children of Fenny Campbell say their mother’s murderer will be before a parole board Thursday.

More than 25 years ago, Donald Campbell murdered the Wyoming woman in their home and then tried to cover it up. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Joel Campbell, Fenny’s son, in a social media post says Campbell continues to deny responsibility for his actions and has not ever expressed any remorse nor apologized for what he did.

Joel Campbell says it’s likely Donald Campbell will request a parole placement in southwestern Ontario Thursday, specifically in the Windsor area. “A convicted murderer with no sense of personal responsibility or accountability for his actions and zero expressed regret or remorse wishes to rejoin our communities as if nothing ever happened and life should go on as normally and efficiently as possible for him, in a placement that suits his personal preferences, with no thought for anyone’s well being but his own,” Joel writes.

“This is not just. This is not right. This is not human. But this is the reality of what we face this Thursday—and every time he requests and is granted another parole hearing.”

Joel Campbell is asking friends to keep the family in prayer this week and to “join us in crying out for continued justice and standing up against the injustices that have become an epidemic in a system that caters to offenders with minimal consideration of the past and ongoing trauma experienced by victims.” He asked people write to their local MP about parole issue.

“As long as we have breath, we will continue to fight for justice for our mother.”As long as we have breath, we will continue to fight for justice for our mother.”


  1. Because what I’m really thinking cannot be verbalized publicly all I’ve got is WHY?WHY? WHY? are families of victims imprisoned for a lifetime & criminals have hope if not get freedom?

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