BREAKING: Failed bid for freedom

Brent, Alica and Joel Campbell with a picture of their mother, Fenny, who was murdered in Wyoming in 1998 by her husband, Donald Wayne Campbell. He was turned down for unescorted temporary absences May 15.

Parole board denies Campbell unescorted temporary absences and day parole

Donald Campbell has failed in his bid for more freedom.

He has served 26 years in prison after being convicted of first degree murder in the death of his wife, Fenny Campbell in Jan. 1998. Recently, he began working in the community around Kingston under supervision.

Donald Campbell was asking for unescorted temporary absences and day parole at a video conference hearing Thursday. Campbell has been making plans for life in a half-way house in Windsor, where his sister and brother live.

Fenny Campbell’s family, including her children, all opposed the releases, saying he has never taken responsibility nor apologized for killing their mother, sister and friend.

Fenny’s daughter, Alica, who was just 10 when her mom was murdered, said Donald Campbell hasn’t changed.

“He can take all the rehabilitation courses he wants…Don Campbell is high risk,” she said. “He never once made sure over the years that we were financially taken care of…never once came to us with a confession…never once has he cared about how we muddled through the mess he made.”

Campbell told the parole board he was unaware his children were struggling financially after he went to prison since the children didn’t want contact with him. He said he believed the money which was meant to provide for his children had been stolen by one of his lawyers. No proof was offered of the claim.

Son Joel Campbell, speaking against unaccompanied releases, told the parole board how in 1999, after he had been convicted, he told his sons “‘Well, my life is over.’ There was no grief or remorse for anyone but him.

“From his perspective, he owes no one an apology and it kills me inside.”

Brent Campbell, Fenny’s youngest son, told the parole board “As far as I’m concerned I have no father.”

He added he was strongly opposed to a move to Windsor since he works in the community. Allowing Donald Campbell to go to a halfway house in Windsor would “significantly impact” his career. “I’m begging to you to make him relocate to a different community preferably another province.”

During the hearing, Donald Campbell again claimed no responsibility for Fenny’s murder, telling the board again how he believes she died in the car accident.

Evidence at his first degree murder trial showed Fenny Campbell had been struck with heavy marble pestle – a kitchen tool used for grinding spices – when she returned from teaching a Friendship Class at her church. Court found he put her body in the driver seat of her car and then crashed it into a transport parked on Broadway Street.

“I did not murder my wife. Everyone thinks I did but I did not murder my wife,” Donald Campbell told the parole board Thursday.

The parole board members questioned Campbell about his lack of remorse, however he evaded their questions saying only that he was “sorry the children had been displaced” and that he “feels for their pain.”

The parole board did not immediately give its reasons for its decision, however it denied all of Donald Campbell’s requests.


  1. Most excellent news ! When someone murders especially one that has no shame, no remorse, & no ownership should always be a life for a life! I’m very relieved for the family!

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