UPDATED: Flooding, accidents have closed the 402

Highway 402 between Nauvoo Road and Kerwood Road, around 7:20 pm Aug. 23

Local roads also have been closed due to flooding

Warwick Fire says the 402 is closed between Nauvoo Road and Kerwood Road in both directions due to flooding.

Photos on the department’s social media show the deep ditches in the median overflowing onto the road and deep enough to cause a small wake as the trucks pass through.

Heavy rain since 4:30 this afternoon has dropped over four inches of rain in the Watford area according to residents in the area.

Lambton OPP also reported an accident in the area around 6:30pm. Travellers on social media said they had been driving in heavy rain on the highway when they hit the water on the road. Several vehicles, including a transport, were in the ditches.

There are also reports of flooding around the Watford area – particularly around Nauvoo Road.

There is flooding on Petrolia Line near Nauvoo.

Ebeneezer Road near Petrolia Line has been closed due to flooding and an abandoned car.

Warwick Township has closed Zion Line from Sexton to Nauvoo due to flooding.