Boil water advisory will be in affect most of weekend PW CAO says


Some Plympton-Wyoming residents will be boiling water over the weekend.

Thursday, there was a watermain break on Egremont Road between Mandaumin (near Bright’s Grove) and Schram Road (west of Errol Village Public School) which occurred during construction in the area, according to Plympton-Wyoming CAO Adam Sobanski. A Boil Water Advisory was issued.

“Everything was fully repaired yesterday evening and flushing went into the evening hours,” he says. “Everything is back up and operational…we’re just waiting for good health tests to come back to confirm that the water is potable, and then we’ll be able to lift advisory.”

That can take some time; “under legislation, the samples have to be taken 24 hours apart and the samples take approximately 24 hours to test. So you’re looking at anywhere from around 48 hours to before you will have official results,” says Sobanski.

“We’re telling residents (the boil water advisory is in affect) indefinitely right now, because if we even get single hit of bacteria that will extend the testing. But yes, it will be into the weekend, as far as we’re aware right now.”